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My Macros is a program that helps you automate all of the repetitive tasks
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My Macros is a task automation application for Windows. These apps, generally called macro recorders, let you teach your computer how to perform simple tasks using your mouse, keyboard, or a combination of both. The first step in the process is the actual recording, during which you perform the task that you want the application to repeat afterwards. This is the most important step and any mistakes that you make during this process will be repeated by the application as well. After you have recorded a macro, you can play it back once or repeat it any number of times.

When you start recording a macro, My Macros will ask you to save it and assign it a name. This will help you find and run the macro later. All your recorded Macros are listed in the main window, from where you can run them or edit them. My Macros also lets you create a Macro without recording a task. Instead, you can simply enter commands that the application will follow. This is a more complicated way of creating a macro but it allows for more precise ones.

The first thing that you should do after installing this app is to set hotkeys for starting and stopping a recording and running a macro. This saves your time when creating macros and it allows you to set them on loops.

My Macros is a nice macro recorder. I was able to create and run precise macros with it. The only thing that I didn't like about it is that the app closes after you run a macro and you have to launch it again to modify it or run it again, unless you set up a hotkey.

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  • Very simple and complete at the same time
  • Nice interface


  • The application exits every time you record a macro, and you have to launch it again or access the tray icon


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